“I’ve been a customer of Acqua London for several years now.  I’ve bought many lovely items from across the wide product range:  jewellery, scarves, tunics and the fabulous and unique ‘Belter’. I’ve been lucky enough to touch and feel the items before buying them at various fairs.  So if buying online, I can testify to the high quality look and feel to all the products.” AB


“I absolutely love Acqua London. I have been a customer for many years. I have shirts in every colour! I wear the jewellery every day.” VM


“I have bought quality goods from Jo Barr, who started Acqua London, from the time it was started up ten years ago. She designs quality jewellery as well as offering many other quality goods. Clothes, bags, pyjamas and plenty more are all for sale at affordable prices. It makes Christmas shopping easy for this year, in particular, when shopping is more difficult.” GH


“I have been a customer of Acqua London for many years. I find the clothing is wonderful in the hot climate I live in. I come back for a new shirt and tunic every year! The jewellery is lovely and ties in with the clothing, and I wear it everyday. The service is first class and very accommodating on every level.” PB


“I love matching the super soft colourful print shirts with stunning individual pieces from the range of beautifully crafted jewellery.” ER